OriginNewcastle, England
GenresRock Against Communism
Years active1984–1994, 2001–2002
Past membersKevin Turner
Tim Ward
Spin Brown
Nick Shaw

Skullhead was a nationalist Oi! band from the Newcastle area. It was part of the Rock Against Communism (RAC) movement.


Formed in Consett in March 1984,[1] their debut album White Warrior was released in 1987 (released by United Records, a subsidiary of Rock-O-Rama Records). The line-up on the album was Kevin Turner (vocals), Tim Ward (guitar), ‘Spin’ Brown (bass) and Nick Shaw (drums).[2] Skullhead joined the National Front's White Noise Club, and when most of other British RAC bands left to join Blood & Honour, Skullhead remained with the White Noise Club till its end.[citation needed] The band’s second LP Odin’s Law was released in 1991 by United Records. The line-up for this LP was Turner (vocals), Craig Bond (guitar), Pete (guitar), ‘Spin’ Brown (bass) and Raish Carter (drums). Carter had previously been in punk band Red London.[3] The LP was produced by Martin Cross,[4] who later was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.[5] The band’s final live appearance was in Brandenburg, Germany in 1992.

Turner spent 1989 as an inmate of Acklington Prison, and received a jail term in 1991 for grievous bodily harm after assaulting a man in Consett.[6] Bond was jailed in December 1993 for a racist attack on a group of students in Sunderland. He pleaded guilty to violent disorder. Bond, who was already serving a nine-month sentence for an assault on an anti-fascist, got another three years.[7] Skullhead split-up in 1993.[1] Following the split Turner became a techno MC using the moniker MC Techno T.[citation needed]

Turner reformed Skullhead in 2001 with Frazer Robinson on guitar, Russ on bass and Sticks on drums. Robinson had previously played in north-east RAC band Warhammer. They did a small tour of Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland[citation needed] and recorded an album titled Returned to Thunder, which was released the following year.


  • White Warrior LP (United Records, 1987)
  • White Noise - We Want the Airwaves 12" EP with PALAZARD (A-side "Look ahead" by Skullhead; B-side "Red Light Runaway" by Palazard) (White Noise Records, 1988)
  • Blame the Bosses / Celtic Warrior; Unemployed Voice 7" EP with VIOLENT STORM (Third Way, 1989)
  • Odins Law LP (United Records, 1989)
  • Rose of England / Townmoor festival 7" single (Street Rock 'N' Roll [sub-label of Rock-O-Rama Records], 1989)
  • Blame the Bosses / Look Ahead 7" single (Street Rock 'N' Roll, 1990)
  • Cry of Pain LP (United Records, 1991)
  • Victory Or Valhalla Mini-LP (Rebelles Europeéns, 1992)
  • Ragnarok (Victory Or Valhalla) full-length CD including R.E. LP + demos (ISD [Ian Stuart Donaldson Records], 1994)
  • Return To Thunder CD (Backstreet Noise Music, 2002)
  • Victory Or Valhalla CD (2002)
  • Return To Thunder LP (PC-Records, 2003)


  • No Surrender vol. 4 (songs: Yuletide, Memories) LP (Rock-o-Rama, 1990)
  • Gods of War vol. 4 songs: No more brothers war, Skinhead rock band) LP (White Power Records, 1991)
  • Blood & Honour vol. 1 (songs: Push on, Hang the I.R.A.) CD (ISD, 1994)
  • White Resistance vol. 2 (songs: Rock'n'Roll resistance, Fighting for victory) bootleg CD (C 18, 1997)

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